Sunday, June 21, 2009

Solids Solids Solids!

Yesterday I gave Little L her first taste of solids, rice cereal to be specific.  True to form, Little L munched it down like a pro and was ready for more (definitely has my genetics!).  The wonderful experience of feeding your baby solids for the first time is definitely something that is special and memorable.  I have been inspired to create a special range dedicated to this event, using wonderful foods as my character inspiration.  This range will have to be released further down the track since right now I really have to focus on getting the sample range out and about.  Stay tuned because one day when you see my 'Tasty Treats' range, you will remember this post and it will hopefully put a smile on your face :)


  1. lilac :) but you can get a hot pink and baby pink one!

  2. oh hang on, I didn't look at the photo before I answered. That's actually a red bebe pod, but I exchanged it the next day for a lilac bumbo. I think the bumbo is much better because in the pod my little one would arch her back and nearly fall out!