Monday, June 15, 2009

I HEART New York

It's official, Little L and I are off to New York in October.  We will be searching for beautiful fabrics and of course, fun fun fun!  I just can't wait to be pushing L in a pram through Central Park! 

Truth is, I've been dying to go to the Big Apple since I last ventured there in 2005, and since sis will be there too I just had to take the plunge and book my ticket! I'm going to miss my husband so much, the thought of it already hurts, but it will be great to catch up with my little sis, and I'm sure that good old Manhattan will easily find a way to cheer me up :)

What a melting pot of inspiration it will be, and no doubt the sights will be featured somehow in my baby range.  It just so happens that the US is way ahead of Australia when it comes to organic textiles, but especially printed cottons.  With the exception of a couple of Australian suppliers (see link below), it's just so hard to find funky printed fabrics at a reasonable price.  

For now though, I have to stay focused on getting this sample range complete.  The beautiful white organic cotton jersey arrived today from Thea & Sami and it will be used to make some growsuits and onesies as well as gorgeous stretch wraps and dolls.  I'm so excited to see the finished products!

Stay tuned and hopefully I will have something fun to show you sooner rather than later.....

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