Monday, January 31, 2011

Little L turns 2!

It's been a while since my last post and soooo much news to share! I'm now 25 weeks pregnant with Little L's baby brother/sister, and loving every minute! I just can't wait to add to my little family. On top of that, Little L turned two almost 2 weeks ago! I'm absolutely loving this age!!! She pretty much says anything and everything, but still in that gorgeous toddler way :)
She started creche as well, and although she's a little quiet and not yet fully sure of herself there, I know she'll love it in no time! Last Friday she even had her first sleep there, and was happily eating her icy pole when Aunty came to pick her up!!!
Here are some of my favourite things:
- bless you mama
- tankyoo (in a high pitched voice)
- counting to 10
- singing the ABC's and saying ayayayay P instead of LMNOP
- no tankyoo
- otay (ok)
- flashdance dance moves
- singing songs
- maty
- obsession with drawing
- obsession with tea parties and cooking in her kitchen
- and basically every little thing that she does!
Time flies so fast and before we know it, our little family of 3 will grow to a family of 4 :)
Until then, I'm consumed with choices for double strollers (bugaboo donkey here I come!), capsules (maxi cosi I think), room designs and baby outfits!!!
Here are some pics.....