Monday, July 12, 2010

Little Update

It's so hard to believe that it's already mid July, Little L is nearly 18 months and time just keeps a flying!

On 2 May, Little L took her first steps and has been running like a pro ever since. Day by day her gorgeous personality comes through in abundance and getting to know this little being still remains the most amazing and exciting part of my life!

Here are some of my favourite Little L'isms:
- filling in the words to hairy mclairy, twinkle little star, 5 little ducks eg: 'hercules morse as big as a..........OSS'
- singing la la la with me
- poking out her tongue
- cooking in her kitchen
- dancing to 'johnny works with one hammer'
- saying 'oh' when I tell her something
- imitating me spitting when I brush my teeth
- answering 'yah' when I ask her if she's beautiful, gorgeous and pretty
- blowing kisses and making kissy sounds
- chasing dogs at the park saying 'oof oof'
- what's your name? 'yaya'
- saying 'uh oh' and sticking her hands out when I turn the TV off then using the remote control to try and turn it back on
- dancing
- doing 'quack quack' with her little hand
- what does a duck say? 'duck' and what does a bee say? 'beeeeee'
- playing with her 'babies', giving them a bottle and putting them to sleep in their pram
- feeding caviar, her fish (and the other 4 fish in the tank)
- jumping (which really is squatting and sticking her bum out)
- the many little words that she says
- passing me the plastic animal that I ask for
- understanding absolutely everything that I say and carrying out basically any instruction that I give her
- her obsession with books
- going down slides
- saying plisssss (such good manners!)
- everything else that I've managed to forget

Although she's being really cheeky with her day sleeps (one day she wants to sleep in the morning, the next day in the afternoon, the next day not at all and the next day for 3.5 hours), she's still as delicious as ever, challenging but completely lovable!!!!

I don't think I could be more obsessed with this child if I tried!
A million kisses to you my baby girl XX

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