Friday, July 17, 2009

Knitting Frenzy

Just recently, I went on a knitting frenzy using my latest obsession - NATURAL MATERIALS.  I made two blankets for Little L using hemp, soy, milk fiber, organic cotton and bamboo.  These blankets are so beautiful and soft, and combine several different textures. The cable knit blanket took about 3 weeks (bearing in mind, Little L and my life in general don't give me much time to knit!), and the purple and green blanket took about a week. I'm looking to do crocheted borders on both, but first I'll have to teach myself how.....    


  1. HI, these are beautiful - nice one. I bet your babe loves snuggling in them. I lLOVE that you are trying using Natural fibres - as you know this is something I try to use as often as i can too. ( or at least will re use something that has already had a 'life')
    I have been responding to your comments you have left on my blog but I dont think you have received them. is there an email address I can contact you with? Cheers peta

  2. Hey! Thanks so much! I've been checking for a response but forgot to check yesterday so maybe that's why I missed it.
    I can't tell you how much I love your work - those doll houses and dolls and the food- it would be such a treat to be your child!!!!
    My email is